Borderlands 2 – OP10 Gaige Anarchy Build / UCP and Vanilla Compatible

This is almost a port from the Gaige build for OP8 except that new skill points and few more choices are being used here. The particular purpose of this build is for mobbing and this has been completed by other gamers several times with ease.

What This Build is About

This build is based on fight momentum, and for your best results, you would effectively want to fight most of the mobs in quick succession. You can get a massive damage boost with “Anarchy” and “blood-soaked shields” which will give you the ability to shield tank. The build is really good for mobbing activities all-around.

Skill Tree

Most skills might seem a little unusual, most likely because this build was made with the group patch in mind.

Main Skills


When playing Gaige this is pretty much a no-brainer, most of her builds depend heavily on that. Who can say no to gun damage of 700%?

Blood soaked shields

Here’s how you can maintain your massive shield on most of the time and where your bulk originates. One problem is you have to keep killing things for the filled shield, which actually isn’t really difficult on the powerful weapons this build uses with anarchy buff.

Close enough

You obviously cannot strike-through all the time with the lack of anarchy precision.

Made of sterner stuff

We are not sure if it will be worth five kill points in the vanilla game, but in the UCP it will reward you with 20% reduced damage from all sources, which is a decent amount when combined with the huge shield power, not to mention how your health will increase effectiveness as well. This also does damage to DT by 15% melee.


It will give us a resistance of 60% to electrical damage on our shield as well as an improvement of 30%, no disadvantage just quite perfect for it anyway.

Wires don’t talk

You can obtain 25% electrical damage while using the UCP. This would be great given that not all the enemies are immune to electrical damage, thus our main weapon is electric.


Slot Uno

Normally you can run an Electric Butcher, it executes well at any level of anarchy, but it ends up becoming a damaged hose at around 70-100. Usually, people are used to running a Twister here but, in our opinion, this would perform better with higher anarchy because of the ability to spam this and get ammo down on shots. You might say that this is a dumb move by not doing a conference call here, but it takes quite enough ammo for mobbing. Almost any decent electrical tool is going to perform well here, I’ve found the peak cleaner here recently to be effective as well.

Butcher Parts

  • Bandit Grip
  • Torgue Stock

Slot Dos

Here you can use the Slagga because it causes huge damage. This is a very handy weapon with a high fire rate and pellet count. Another thing to keep in mind is that SMG’s have the second-highest swap speed behind pistols.

Slagga Parts

  • Maliwan Grip
  • Dahl Stock
  • Accelerated Accessory

Slot Tres and Cuatro

The best thing for these would be dual fire / corrosive fibbers or hails but due to the massive damage it offers, you can usually run the fibbers. When anything is electric resistant, these spots round out the build.

Fibber Parts

  • Fibber Barrel 3
  • Double/Damage accessory
  • Hyperion Grip


This is a disguised turtle shield; it has an enormous base capacity along with a passive 37% damage resistance that stacks with “made of sterner stuff” (also despite the common assumption parts don’t impact the resistance and the effect is still active unlike what the card says.) Otherwise, you can run an opponent but it won’t tank almost as well.

Blockade parts

  • All Pangolin


Captain Blade’s Otto Idol, occasionally you’re going to kill so many things that you’re going to kill yourself with blood-soaked shield and you can overcome that and also have some health regeneration. It will decrease FFYL time a little bit but it is irrelevant.

Legendary Anarchist COM

Only to boost some very good abilities and to damage buff. In general, just fine, nothing more to say

Grenade Mod

Mostly, I ran a transfusion of longbow slag when things get too heated and need quick health.