Hollow Knight: Essential Maps of Hallownest

Do you want to see all regions, rooms, bosses, grubs, charms, warrior, cartographer locations and other things you can use for Hollow Knight? Then you must have a hollow knight map.

A hollow knight map is essential for the massive game Hollow Knight. Since you be will doing a lot of backtracking during the game, you will more likely forget where the A item that needs a B upgrade was located. You can use an in-game item that will point you to the locations of all the Grubs you haven’t rescued yet but it appears much later in the game. The other collectibles have no item to help you find them.

In this article, we will replay the game the second time around and keep track of where you can locate everything. 

We will show you the following:

  • All of the in-game map
  • Benches
  • Blue HP Cocoons
  • Vendors
  • Whispering Roots
  • Warriors’ Graves
  • Hot Springs
  • Stag Stations
  • Tram Stations
  • Captive Grubs
  • Dreamers
  • Cornifer the Cartographer locations
  • Charm locations
  • Spells/Spell Upgrade locations
  • Hidden Hunter Journal Entries
  • Sellable Relics
  • Rancid Eggs
  • Key locations
  • Mask Shards
  • Soul Vessel Shards
  • Pale Ores
  • Nailmaster Arts
  • Ability/Ability Upgrades
  • Mister Mushroom locations and order



Forgotten Crossroads

Green Path

Fungal Wastes

Fog Canyon

City of Tears

Howling Cliffs

Crystal Peak

Resting Grounds


Royal Waterways

Kingdom’s Edge

Ancient Basin

Queen’s Garden

Fungal Wastes

Resting Grounds

Reasons Why You Need a Hollow Knight Map and Upgrade It

There is a labyrinthine world full of nooks and crannies, twists and turns, featured in Hollow Knight. The majority of the areas are quite large with a few hallways that look quite the same. You will eventually become familiar with the rooms that are most useful while backtracking as you explore. However, it will be much easier for you to make a map as you go along your journey.

There are a ton of games that features an automated mapping system as you explore. However, Hollow Knight makes you buy the essential implements using the game’s currency named geo. Whenever you defeat enemies, precious shards of geo drop and you can usually find them around the caves all clustered together.

You will come to a mostly abandoned set of few buildings near the very start of your adventure. This location is called the village of Dirtmouth. To begin your adventure properly in the Forgotten Crossroads area, you will use its main attraction which is a well that you can dropdown.

As soon as you arrive at the base of the well, turn left and descend a high vertical shaft with platforms and enemies that fly until you get to a room with parchment paper pieces strewn about it. You will then meet a man named Cornifer. He creates maps and will make you buy a Forgotten Crossroads map at a quite affordable price of 30 geo.

You will find a compass when you buy that map. Go the back of the building just to the left of the well, up top in Dirthmouth because that’s where Warward Compass is now for sale. Iselda, a shopkeeper, will sell the compass to you for 220 geo. This will become your first big investment. You have to work really hard so you can defeat the enemies and until you can afford it.

Make sure you purchase the following while you’re in the area:

  • Quill (120 geo): This will let you make additions to maps for you to see the areas that Cornifer hasn’t discovered yet.
  • Bench Pin (100 geo): This marks the location of benches on your map automatically.
  • Vendor Pin (100 geo): This annotates your map in order for the location of vendors you encounter to be included.

You will eventually purchase other items being sold in Iselda’s shop because they will allow you to produce even more detailed maps. The compass and the above enhancements in particular however will do the most to make your journey as smooth as possible.

One last tip about maps: You will have to explore without a map for a time when you visit a new area. Even if you have the quill, your progress will not appear until you have the map for the area from Cornifer in your hands.