House Party – Katherine’s Story Walkthrough 

In this guide, we will complete Katherine’s story in the House Party game. You might find it hard at first because there is a lot of text and it’s super in-depth but it’s actually fairly easy and quick.

Don’t forget that completing Rachel’s story can be done in different ways. You can even use her story to complete it but we can discuss more of that in another guide.


You will learn how to finish Katherine’s story in this guide but if you hate spoilers, just ignore this guide and finish the story yourself. You can come back when you’re done.

There are two girls in the story that you can have sexual intercourse with. One is Katherine and the other is Rachel. But Katherine’s story is a lot easier than Rachel’s and finishing it can be done pretty fast with only some training.

There are two ways to complete her story:

  • Utilize the phone jammer.
  • Utilize Rachel’s story so you can bring her in the room alone.

If you want to know how to use the phone jammer to complete her story, this guide will tell you just that.

We apologize if this guide seems hard but don’t worry, you’ll learn every single detail that you need to know here. 

The Walkthrough

Since this story requires some items, let’s start with how to get them.

If you go upstairs where the master bedroom is, you will find a closet. You can open it and you’ll find a big shelf and a camera. Get the camera.

Next, proceed to the study room and find the SD card on the table.

Then, proceed to the garage and find the phone jammer. It’s right in front of you when you get to the garage.

Get the “Mastery Key” because you will need it to lock the master bedroom door from the left of the mantle above the party room’s fireplace. 

Take the “Salami” from the fridge.

Then, approach Stephanie and introduce yourself. The purpose of this is for Katherine to like you more. Now that you’re ready to start the story, you can go to Katherine and talk to her.

Let her know that you use “need” the wrong way.

Ask her opinion about Stephanie.

Ask her why she’s looking at her phone and no one should be **** her.

Ask her if she would like a drink.

Ask her what she wants to drink.

Then, approach Frank.

Let him know that you did not drink.

Ask him if he will be guarding the drinks for the whole night.

Ask his opinion about Katherine.

Next, get back to Katherine.

Let her know that Frank is looking after the drinks.

Tell her that Frank fancy her.

Next, get back to Frank but this time staring at the table. You’ll see an empty vodka bottle on the table. Hit right click and examine it. Then, ask Frank if you can take it. After you take it, speak with Frank again and tell him that you will leave a good word for him.

Go back to Katherine and let her know that you need her topless pics to give to Frank so you can get alcohol.

From here, there are 2 things you need to do:

Check your inventory by pressing “i”, go to the camera, hit right-click, and choose “use with” and choose SD card.

Check your inventory again, go to the cellphone jammer and turn it on.

You will have to keep following her after this since she will be going from room to room to get a signal.

Once she reaches the master bedroom or the garage, go to your inventory to turn the cellphone jammer off and close the door of the room. There should be no people around. Then, ask her to take those photos. After she agrees, ask her to remove her top. Once she is in her bra, let her know that Frank needs to see photos more than that.

Open the inventory once her bra is off, proceed to the camera to “take photo.” Although taking one photo is enough, you can still take as many photos as you want since you won’t have the same chance again.

Get back to Frank to show him the camera. He will then tell you can only pick 1. You can take the rum.

Get back to Katherine and hand over the rum to her. She will let you know that you have 75% of getting in her pants. Ask her how you can make it into 100%. She will tell you to show your sausage to the people at the party as well as to her. Just press “P” to be able to do that.

You can then go towards the people at the party and wait for a text to appear with all of them. Once done, you can go to Katherine and let her know you’re done. You can then tell her to go somewhere private. You can follow her from here.

Give her the salami once you’re upstairs. Fill the “empty vodka bottle” with water in the kitchen and give it to her. Once done, get out of the room and have the door closed. When you open the door again, you’ll see her naked. Lock the door using the “Mysterious Key,” then use “y” to take your clothes off, and enjoy. :))