How to beat the Devil (boss) from Cuphead

Tips before Fighting

Remember: You must acquire first either the P.sugar, heart or twin heart charm (each of them helps) before you go into the battle with the Devil. Second, to help you avoid the poker chips in the final phase you must use the second Super Art. Lastly, given that you can only attack the devil’s eyes in his ultimate 3 phases I strongly suggest that you must use the spread weapon.

Phase 1

This is likely to be the most difficult phase in this battle. However, with the correct combination of charms and shots, the remaining battle is not too dangerous. Bear in mind that in this phase there will be multiple attacks from the devil while little demons will be running at the bottom of the screen the whole time. 

If the Devil throws Snake Attack, you just have to run to the corner of the screen. If you see Demons are approaching, get down beneath one of the humps in his neck.

If the Devil throws Goat Attack, you must jump up and run to the side, or you stay afloat for a second by using ex attack. Ducking through this attack has now been deleted as of version 1.1.3 update.

If the Devil throws Spider attack, the moment you see the head is approaching down, simply run away. Do your best to strike it as frequently as you can. In addition to the Devils animal attacks, you must also avoid 3 distinct attacks from his staff.

The first staff attack creates four bubble-like things bouncing throughout the screen. In order to survive with this attack, you should minimize the bubbles to dodge by deflecting the pink one, and you should stay in the center after and if needed go to the sides.

The second attack creates a rotating square of fire with a pink fireball in the center. In order to survive this attack, you should deflect the one in the middle, and if needed run under the square after.

The last staff attack produces a circle of fire. In order to survive in this attack, you just have to go to the side of the screen and every time there is a fireball just leap over it. Always do your best to deflect the pink one. You might still get hit by using this technique, if you have better in mind don’t hesitate to use it.

In phase 1, the Devil will use these attacks in no particular order. The moment the Devil pulls his mouth open compelling an angry smile, you should move away from the middle of the screen for you not to get hit. Subsequently, a hole will show up that brings you to the 3 final phases. If in the case the bug in v1.1.3 was not removed, you can use it to end the battle by striking the devils across a hidden hitbox. This guide will show you the process of doing it legally. On that premise, dive into the hole to get to the phase 2,3 and 4.

Phase 2

In this phase, the Devils’ eyes are the only spot you can hit. In this case, you must strike it using the spread weapon. Stand in the center of the platform and shoot upwards. However, Devils attacks in this phase are fewer and are not difficult to avoid. One of its attacks charges an ax that comes out in loop throughout the screen. In order to avoid it, go to the platform on the left or right edge, then the moment the ax ended its one loop, run towards the inside to avoid getting hit by the following loop.

The other attack summons a pink bomb that contains a huge blast. As soon as you can see one, deflect it. To lessen the risk of being hit by the bomb the moment you missed to deflect it after a couple of seconds of its launch, sprint away from it. The Devil holds only these two attacks, however, blue poker chips will still descend onto the platform one after another.

Phase 3

The Devil will eliminate the right edge and left platforms in this phase and replace it with two creatures. For you to concentrate on the one with greater danger which is the dreaded bluebirds, exterminate each purple creature first.

These will descend as a rotating razor blade and will attempt to hit you. All you have to do is to get down the moment it descends. If in case the purple creature return, if you are not busy with the bird you must immediately kill them. Do not forget to dodge each poker chips that fell.

Final Phase

The Devil begins to cry in this phase and all you have is the middle platform. One more reason to make use of the spread weapon. Also in this phase, our second Super Art will get in the game. Prior to the first pop up of the poker chip, utilize your super and continue shooting. In this way, you do not have to bother over the poker chips or the Devil’s tears. This phase has a very short time period, therefore, the moment your super expires, the Devil should also be ended.