Lego Worlds Switch Codes and Controls

Lego Worlds is fun for all ages and allows players lots of freedom to do whatever they want. If you’re a fan of past Lego games, there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy it’s adventure-seeking focus! It combines the creativity of Legos with the endless possibilities of Minecraft, which is quite a sight to see and an even more fun game to play! Whether you are an expert or a beginner, having knowledge of the various cheat codes you can enter will without-a-doubt improve your experience. Allow us to show you all of the various codes you can enter!

Lego Worlds Switch Codes and Controls 

The Lego Worlds Switch codes are divided into several groups: vehicle codes, character codes, weapons codes, and special spawn codes. Additionally, the game also has codes for distinct biomes. Here is a breakdown and list of the various Lego Worlds codes:

Lego Worlds Codes for Vehicles

The game comes with vehicles that are used to travel quickly across a variety of terrains. To obtain the game’s vehicles you’ll have to discover them in the world by unlocking them via their codes. Unlocking cars requires one of two methods. You can either enter secret codes or go through some of the game’s more challenging quests.

Once you have unlocked these vehicles, you can spawn them any number of times for free. The game has about 73 vehicles in the base set, eight vehicles in the game’s paid DLC, and 24 vehicles found in the free DLC. In total, expect about 105 vehicles in total. Lego Worlds vehicles are also divided into the following groups:

  • Aircraft vehicles: The ones you can use to fly on air.
  • Plane-type vehicles: These Lego Worlds vehicles must taxi before they take off.
  • VTOL vehicles or aircraft: These vehicles don’t require a runway.  They usually take off and raise or lower themselves immediately without any issues. They are the most comfortable vehicles for beginner players.

 Lego World Vehicle Codes

  • The Lego City getaway car code: BG7DWK
  • Pizza van code: U98BR2
  • Jungle Buggy code: ND284C
  • Jungle Cargo helicopter code: XP76VF
  • Manta Ray Bomber code: YG43JH
  • Lock and Roller or the Nexo Knights code: LY9C8M
  • Lance’s Driller code: XP3BN2
  • The Police car code: P42FJ6
  • The Tuk-Tuk vehicle code: PPA72V
  • The Cadillac code: 8B3VEQ

Lego World Weapon, Special Spawns and Characters Codes

Accessing Lego Worlds’ characters, weapons and special spawns come with similar codes based on the stage of the game you’re playing. Here are all these codes:

  • Unlocking Monster Scientist code: X29VTY
  • More dangerous skeletons codes: SKELE+
  • Chinese dog’s code: TJPZLV
  • Egg Blaster’s weapon code: EF9GJ4
  • Toy Soldier’s code: NA3ZKE
  • The Barbarian’s code: VN4MHZ
  • Ultrakatty’s code: H29V4E
  • All Bricks unlocking code: BR1CK5
  • All windows and doors open code: F1TRS

Lego Worlds Codes for Particular Biomes

In Lego Worlds, you’ll come across 20 different kinds of biomes that vary in their elevation and terrain. Each of these biomes can be spawned with different props, characters, creatures, vehicles, and builds.

Through biomes, you can explore places such as savannahs, desserts, ornamental orchards, and fungus forests. You can also explore areas such as the Fearsome Frontier, and Crystal Crags. Below are the codes for Special Lego Worlds biomes.

  • Crystal Biome’s Code: 555-555-555
  • Candy Biome’s code: 2006-8942-7474
  • Crystal biomes and its relatives’ code: 01134
  • Crystal biome with a candy land code: 0000-0000-0003
  • Chests in mixed biomes code: 83093-7266-7676
  • Very versatile biomes’ code: 3541-5703-7904
  • Small Island’s code: 3541-5703-7904
  • Candy, Shrooms and fix mix code: 7255-6313-8546
  • Space Island ingested with eagle’s code: 2376-2654-6693
  • Mountains with climbers code: 5089-2654-6693
  • Skateboard’s code: 000000000
  • Volcanoes’ code: TEST
  • Deserts and haunted forests’ code: COOL
  • Autumn Forest Island’s code: LEGO
  • Canyon’s Code: POP
  • Mixes of biomes’ code: ME
  • Farm’s code: STARROCKS
  • Candy Land’s second code: SKYRIM
  • Snow and desert with sphinx and pyramids code: DERPY HOOVES
  • Sakura blossom forest’s code: ESTELLE
  • Haunted forest’s code: SPACE or 2014
  • Small Island with a big rock’s code: EARTHLOL
  • Tiny itty bitty rock Island’s code: LAVA HOT
  • Mountains with big islands surroundings codes: FIRE AND ICE
  • Ninja’s world code: NINJA
  • World of fire and ice’s code: 1234

Lego Worlds Switch options when starting a new game

You can play Lego Worlds in many ways, and you’re not confined to any one path or play style at any time. When you’re starting a new game, you can select from a few different options. There are two options you can choose from, which are Adventure and Sandbox modes.

In any of these modes, you can decide to play locally or online. When playing online, you can invite friends or strangers to play with you! You still ultimately have control and can ensure that they don’t mess with any of your settings, it’s all up to the host to control things. 

To start a new game, select the save-game slot option. There are four slots given, and each of these slots hold will hold one save file.

Switch Controls for the Lego Worlds game

For keyboard and mouse controls, you can control characters as follows:

  • Right-click and hold: MOVE
  • Left-click and hold: ROTATE CAMERA
  • Space and Right-clicking plus hold: JUMPING
  • Tap F or Tap left-click: ACTION COMMAND
  • Vehicle controls
  • Left-click: DRIVER STEERING
  • Right-click holding: ROTATE CAMERA
  • Left shift and holding: DIG DOWN in drilling vehicles
  • Pressing E: EXIT VEHICLE

Skydiving Controls

  • Left-clicking: MOVE
  • Right-Clicking and holding: ROTATE CAMERA
  • Space then holding: FALL FASTER OR DIVING
  • Tap and left-clicking: TOGGLING UMBRELLA TO FALL SLOWER

Gamepad Ground character controls

  • Left-clicking and holding: MOVING
  • Right-clicking and holding: ROTATE CAMERA
  • Tapping A: JUMPING
  • Tapping X: TAKE ACTION
  • Right stick click: RECENTER CAMERA

Knowing Lego Worlds Game’s Switch Controls and Codes like a Pro

Once you have a full handle on all of the controls, you’ll be able to take your game to the next level! We hope this guide gives you all of the skills and codes you need to fully customize your game and have more fun than ever!