Sabbat of the Witch: Walkthrough All Routes

We want you to get your desired route in Sanoba Witch so we made a quick and simple guide just for you.

Before we get into the choices themselves, let’s first learn a little bit of general information.

  • There are five routes in the Sabbat of the Witch.
  • There are routes for the heroines’ Ayachi, Nene, Inaba, Meguru, Shiiba Tsumugi, Togaakushi Touko, and Kariya Wakana.
  • Wakana’s route is shorter than the other four and is a bonus route. It can only be played after you complete at least one other route.
  • A recommended play order doesn’t exist. You have the option to choose whichever routes you want to play with, in random order.
  • In order to lock onto a character’s route, you can choose within different choice paths. We’re only presenting you one way in this guide.
  • CG gallery completion is the only thing impacted by the choices you make during h-scenes. They will change the way the route progresses. Please also remember that there will be no h-scene choices if you are playing without the 18+ DLC.

Now let’s not keep you waiting! Let us start getting to know these routes better!

Ayachi Nene

1. You have to please her by complimenting her genuinely. 

2. Make a request to Ayachi-san to do it.

3. Watch the film later.

4. Get going.

5. Maybe, Yeah.

6. Just give her an answer in the usual way.

7. Be honest. Do not make up answers. Your truthful answer is necessary.

8. In the meantime, no discussion of Classical Japanese.

9. Tell her nicely to do it again.

10. Look away.

11. Probably Ayachi-san.

You have three h-scene choices here*

End 1

As stated earlier, Ayachi Nene is composed of two routes. So after finishing the first half, you will be taken back to the title screen and have the second part be completed. You just need to press RESTART to begin.

Here’s you’ll have seven h-scene choices *

End 2

Inaba Meguru

1. Give her words of appreciation earnestly.

2. Continue working with Inaba-san

3. This is difficult.

4. This is included in the rehearsal.

5. Not really.

6. She likes to be answered in a normal way.

7. Gloss over it.

8. I want to be tutored by Togakushi-senpai.

9. I could not tell that.

10. You can commend her.

11. Inaba-sab, I guess.

Then Nine H-scene choices will be available.

You’ve got nine h-scene choices here *


Shiba Tsumugi

1. Express words that will delight her.

2. Simply plead Ayachi-san to do it. 

3. Later on, you can go watch the movie.

4. Get going.

5. Maybe, yeah.

6. Make a normal response.

7. Truth should be told.

8. Classical Japanese should be set aside. 

9. Tell her to do it again.

10. Look away. 

11. What matters more than anything is the band.

There are seven obscene choices here.

Here you’ll have seven h-scene choices *


Togakushi Touko

1. Offer words to compliment her again.

2. Continue working with Inaba-san.

3. This is a tough one.

4. Rehearsal includes this part.

5. Not really.

6. The response should be said in a typical manner.

7. Gloss over it.

8. Ask Togakushi-senpai to mentor me.

9. I can’t say that.

10. Compliment her.

11. Hmm… Togakushi-senpai?

You can access here three H-scene choices*


Reminder: To be able to proceed to unlock Wakana’s route, you have to at least be able to finish a certain route of your choice from the other remaining four heroines route. It is instructed that you need to accomplish one so you can eventually access the route.

1. Compliment her again wholeheartedly.

2.  Ayachi-san should be asked to do it.

3. Watch the film later.

4. First, you have to eat something.

5. Maybe, yeah.

6. Have a little entertainment for awhile.

7. Gloss over it.

8. Togakushi-senpai should be asked to coach me.

There are five H-scene choices available here*

Normal End

For every completed route of your choice, you are usually shifted to the title screen. This is a common way to play which disallows you to intrude to the other heroine’s route. This is not as exciting as the other choice paths. Once you achieved and completed the route then it ends there. No other plot. It is more on completion. 

1. Delightful words to compliment her again.

2. Keep doing the job with Inaba-san.

3. This is hard.

4. Rehearsal includes this part.

5. Not really 

6. Reply to her naturally

7. Gloss over it.

8. Togakushi-senpai should be the one to mentor me.

9. That I can’t tell.

10. Please her with flowery words.

11. The most significant one is the band.


During the game, you will get to know the heroines a little better. Now that you learn the basic guidelines you can now create your own game plan. After you are walked through the guidelines you might want to consider which path to go first but again, there is no strict order, so you can decide. Notice that there are similar activities from the five routes which will make it easier for you to accomplish the succeeding routes.