Spyro Reignited Trilogy: A Walkthrough of Magic Crafters Achievement Guide

Near the start of Magic Crafters, charge through 4 Armored Druids

There should be 4 Druids nicely aligned after you have rescued Cosmos. Just position yourself in the corner, and charge them through.

Pops of the Tops

Detonate 3 explosive chests on the pillars in Alpine Ridge

Once you reach the Alpine Ridge exit next to it there is a ledge from which you can fly into a hidden cave with another dragon to be rescued from. You can either fly straight into the entrance or directly into the explosive chests. Just bear in mind to start jumping to the next one after you flame your first explosive chest, as you will be caught in the explosion as well as knocked into the sea.


Best way to defeat Metalback Spiders

You can only beat Metalback Spiders by either a Super Charge Attack or a Super Flame Attack. There are five Spiders in total. Two must be defeated with the Super Flame attack and three must be defeated with the Super Charge Attack. In the upper part of the caves, you can meet a Fairy.

Egg Hunt

Defeating hidden Egg Thief in Wizard Peak

To reach this place you’ll have to use a Super Charge. Use it when you get to the first Supercharge ramp in this level, and take a left turn.

After this continue until you see another Supercharge ramp, which is heading the other way around. Leap just a little before you hit a wall and you will be able to charge to the platform right up. 

The Egg Thief is located on the platform, behind the wall.

Hot Wings 2

Fairies in Crystal Flight must all be flamed

There are two fairies which can be found at this level:

If you did the rings first, then after the first electric fence, you will find the first Fairy. 

The second fairy can be found on the seventh electric fence.


Collect all gems in Blowhard

It is easy to find all of the gems in Blowhard as there are no hidden areas in this level. There are 400 gems you can collect in this area.