Stardew Valley: Ancient Seeds Guide

There will be times when you’re getting tired of selling the same crops every year just to get enough money for the vault bundle; grinding the mines just to obtain that ancient seed to sell it for some cash. But worry no more! This guide will teach you how and where to find these rare and profitable seeds and how to get the most out of it.

Finding the Ancient Seed Artifact

The only place where you can get the artifact seed is by digging up the Quarry (available after completing the Craft Room Bundles) or the Mines, which are the Artifact Spots in the Cindersap Forest. This seed can also be obtained by killing Bugs, Grubs, Cave Flies, Mutant Flies and Mutant Grubs which you have a 0.5% chance to obtain. Another option to acquire this ancient artifact seed is by fishing Treasure Chests. Once you have it, donate it at the Museum where Gunther will reward you with a packet of Ancient Seeds (which can be planted) plus a recipe that is needed to craft any Ancient Seed. There’s also a small chance you can get some plantable Ancient Seed from a Seed Maker. It’s better if you run through some seed makers a couple of times and take some crops.

Planting the Ancient Seed

Now that you have the Plantable Ancient Seed from Gunther (or from the Seed Maker), you need to have a greenhouse. Start by working on the Pantry Bundles or wait until Spring comes; either way, don’t plant the seeds during Fall. It takes 28 days to grow and will reproduce every week so you need to plan ahead of it. Once you got your Ancient Fruit, put it in a Seed Maker. You can either save it so you can replant it for the next year or plant them directly into your Greenhouse.

Getting the Profit

Now that you have an unlimited source of plants and seeds, don’t just sell them by itself (i.e. selling the fruit or the seeds). Selling the fruit costs only 550g for normal quality, 687g for silver quality, 825g for gold, while having a Tiller Profession you can get +10% Sell Price which will become 605g for normal quality, 756g for silver quality and 907g for gold quality. So, to increase our profit, we’ll turn it into some artisan goods. Ancient Fruit Jelly costs 1150g but you need a Preserves Jar to do it (see “How to Get the Items Required” below) and with the Artisan Profession, you’ll get +40% Sell Price that will instead cost the Jelly 1610g. How about we’ll turn it into wine? Let’s pull our kegs into this. Ancient Fruit Wine costs 1650g for normal quality, 2062g for Silver quality, 2475g for Gold and 3300g for Iridium quality. Not only that, having an Artisan Profession, normal quality now costs 2310g, 2887g for Silver, 3465g for Gold and 4620 for an Iridium quality!

How to Get the Items Required

Preserves Jar

This equipment makes Fruits into Jellies, Vegetables into Pickles, Sturgeon Roe into Caviar and Fish Roe into an Aged Roe. It will be rewarded to you after completing the Quality Crops Bundle in the Pantry.

Recipe Source:

  • Farming (Level 4)


  • 50 Woods
  • 40 Stones
  • 8 Coals


Kegs can be used to turn Coffee Beans into Coffee, Wheat into Beer, Tea Leaf into a Green Tea, Honey into Mead, Hops into Pale Ale, Any Vegetable into Juice and Any Fruit into Wine. It’s a piece of amazing equipment used to make Artisan Goods than the Preserves Jar.

Recipe Source:

  • Farming (Level 8)


  • 30 Woods
  • 1 Copper Bar
  • 1 Iron Bar
  • 1 Oak Resin

Seed Maker

This equipment is used to produce seeds from a harvested crop. It can produce any seed from the crops you put it in. There might be a chance where you can get Mixed Seeds instead and a smaller chance to obtain the Ancient “plantable” Seeds.

Recipe Source:

  • Farming (Level 9)


  • 25 Woods
  • 1 Gold Bar
  • 10 Coals