The Hunter: Call of the Wild – Tips and Tricks (Basics to Advanced) 

The checklist below is for gamers in all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

We are going to provide you basic information, tips, and tricks!


  • First, to uncover outposts and other spots on the map, run through lookout points. Make use of a map guide to instantly locate Hirschfelden and layton lake outposts.
  • Be careful not to frighten animals away by keeping low visibility and noise, moreover through observing wind direction. Better to utilize the HUD indicator located in the bottom right. In order to minimize visibility, use bushes and trees as hiding spots.
  • Do not run, except for cases when you need to go to other locations. Spotting low scoring animals will be possible however it will always drive away trophy animals without you knowing. Remember that running through vegetation creates more noise and it is wiser to run using roads to avoid such.
  • From the Rathenfeld southeast outpost, tail the east road to reach the southeast of Hirschfelden where the shooting range is located. It is a good training ground to practice your skills in aiming from diverse ranges.
  • At the start of the game, first, you need to concentrate on buying callers, finer rifles and an enhanced scope. Do not lose in-game money on constructing hunting structures as it is unnecessary. Every outpost has its own accessible store.
  • Look for the map in the menu to be able to change reserve. Reserve select options are located at the bottom right. Take note not to lose all your progress by creating a new game.
  • In case you have a tough start, never procrastinate. Obtaining all callers, finer weapons, scopes, skills, perks, and acquiring ample knowledge of the map will make the hunting process more convenient. Prioritize earning money and xp through killing easy/small games, furthermore go on exploration such as unlocking outposts and other points on the map.


  • Avoid going back to the same animals you already slew, instead look for other alluring animals that are nearer. Having a good position will usually enable you to call these creatures in again.
  • To be able to identify if the animal is close or to locate its main direction, focus on their sound as it is your best lead. Going through uncertain tracks can either give you satisfaction or frustration. Bear in mind that it doesn’t always imply that the animal is close if you happen to see new marks. 
  • Accomplishing every level will grant you in turns of either skill point or perk points, moreover, in every 3 levels starting level 36, you will be able to get a point. 60 is the highest level along with 22 perks and 22 skills points.
  • It is necessary to unlock suitable skills in spotting animals to be able to recognize their difficulty and calculate their score. Take note that calling animals is not easy, therefore it is wiser to attempt to shoot the highest-scoring animal first.
  • Nearby need zones are where you can find a huge population of animals. They are temporal, therefore it is better to keep an eye on them. Finding one of these will grant you an xp and it will remain noted on the map. Usually, these need zones are situated near water and fields. 
  • Animals are identified based on their color icon ( blue = male, pink= female ), males provide the highest scores, it is recommended to concentrate on their tracks and calls. Meanwhile, at the start of the game, females are advantageous in gaining xp and easy money.
  • Remember that an ATV is no use in hunting as it only frightens off everything, although it is enjoyable and helpful for transportation purposes. Garage is the place where you can fix and reclaim your ATV.
  • Frightened animals will run away for about 150-200m, they probably go back to the same way they came from.
  • Specifically for long-range shooting, it is necessary to check the direction of the wind and the speed every time you use a bow. Utilizing a perk will enable you to calculate the speed.
  • Hunting at night is tougher because of the considerable degree of low visibility, thus it is advisable to start hunting at dawn most likely at 5 am. Remember that flashlight doesn’t impact the consciousness of animals.
  • If in case an animal is wounded and does not die after a few minutes, most likely it will not die unless it will get an additional shot.
  • For rifles, it is advisable to use polymer ammo rather than soft point ammo as it carries more damage.
  • Know that photo missions are extremely delicate. You must go as close as possible to the animals to get a clear and entire visibility view.
  • Use the run key blind to be able to crouch more quickly but it causes you a little noise.


  • In the event that an animal dies, a purple overlay or the hunting pressure will be seen on the map. This will help you identify if the animal you have shot died or not.
  • South is the usual wind direction for Layton Lake District, while South West for Hirschfelden. From time to time the wind will change, typically north is a secure choice though. 
  • Specifically for Long-range shots, it is necessary to identify the distance between you and your target to have accurate shots. If in case you do not own a range finder, putting a marker of the position of the animal on the map wherein you spotted it, will be the best way to know its distance. 
  • Choosing the zeroing distance of your weapons will be made possible by the use of Zeroing perks. It is known to be one of the must-have perks because of its usage. You can choose either 75m, 150m or 300m for rifles while either 20m,40m, and 60m for bows. Note that the distance in the center is pre-determined as zero. Remember to adjust the distance while the per is in use before making a shot.
  • To be able to get a 100 % instant kill but make sure to kill the animal right away. You need to shoot the spine, neck bone, heart or brain of bigger game animals while all you have to target is the lungs of the small game animals like fox and coyote. A good shot can be made using the best scope while acquiring a 100m distance to the target.
  • Putting ammo or scopes in inventory is unnecessary. From the storage, you can easily pick anywhere at any time the desired gear ( scope and ammo) for your weapon. In that way, you can free space and will allow you to carry something else like a caller or another weapon instead.
  • The hunting profile (codex) will show the number of shots you missed for you to monitor. Usually, it is the best way to instantly identify whether you hit an animal or not.
  • The maximum distance an animal can be seen is approximately 450m or 492 yards, it may vary according to the game settings and your location ( bigger difference in terrain height than to the animals moving further).
  • Animals having a distance of 200m or 219 yards away will be less likely to be scared by a shot.