Valheim the best sandbox survival game right now?

Valheim is a viking themed survival game, where you will be able to explore a massive world of viking mythology and culture. You will start off in the beautiful meadows biome, which is a bright and green open land dotted with trees. As you begin to explore further out the map you will discover new biomes, as you do you will see that each biome has a new challenge but with these challenges,you will find and unlock better things to help you create better and stronger armour, deadlier weapons and more durable tools that will help you on you travels. You can also build your very own viking longhouse with a village or whatever you would like to create along the way. As you unlock better tools you will also unlock better and stronger building materials to make the most amazing buildings so you can let your imagination go wild and create some amazing things.

When you arrive is this incredible world of valheim, You will start off in a ruin with five giant sacrificial stones surrounding you, each one has a trophy hook with an outline of a mytical beast with some script you can read:

‘His antlers are branches of iron, They crack the rocks and bring down mountains, His hooves are the sound of thunder, His voice a howling gale.’
‘First of the Forest. King-of-the-Wood, Lord over those who dwell at the feet, His roots will grow where cities once stood,
Their blood his wine, Their flesh his meat.’
‘Wanderer, look to your feet. That tread upon our tomb. One thousand bones without their meat. Will drag you to your doom.’
‘Black wings across the moon and sun. Down from the mountain our mother comes. Her weeping tears will fall like rain. Her voice will call us home again.’
‘Long ages past, he wore a crown. Beneath a blood-red sky. Now naught is left of all he was. But his spirit cannot die.’

As you will notice all you have is a rag tunic and a torch, you’ll be greeted by a crow called Hugin he will show you the way. Hugin will start off by showing you a red glowing stone called a Vegvisir. This will show you the location of the first boss Eikthyr, it will highlight the location on the map of the summoning alter were you will need to make an offering of two deer head trophies but do not be too hasty to summon Eikthyr he is not to be taken lightly, he is a huge stag with lightning that shoots out of his antlers! I suggest you get better equipped before taking him on, once you can craft something like a bow and a stack of wooden arrows would be best, but that is the best thing about Valheim there is no right or wrong way of doing anything. You can play as hard or as easy as you like and progress at your own pace.

‘This stone is a Vegvisir.
These magical stones were scattered throughout the land of the forsaken. If you inspect closer, this one will reveal the summoning place of Eikthyr, your first prey. He is a mighty beast, so you need to properly arm yourself before even attempting to defeat him.’

Getting started in Valheim:

Once you have landed and checked out the sacrificial stones and found the boss location you will want to start gathering some wood and stone. You can find these scattered around the ground in the form of branches you can press E on to pick up or little rocks, you can also melee some of the smaller trees and bushes but id leave the bushes as they often grow raspberries which are very easy source of food in the beginning. You can also gather mushrooms scattered around as well, as you start exploring you may notice the wildlife.


You will come across deer who are tricky to kill in the beginning not because they are strong but as when ever you get close they run away so you will have to do a sneak attack but make sure you not down wind as they can smell you as well, easiest way is once you have a bow. You gather meat, deer hide and deer trophy head. Depending on the star of the deer depends how much you get is works as the older the deer the more you get so if its got antlers it will prob give you double the resource or sometimes quadruple if its a two star or full matured.


Boars are savage they are not as passive as deer, they will attack you and early on in the game will probably kill you. They are not the that hard to kill once you get a weapon even using your torch that you start with will help as they don’t like fire. Boars will drop meat, leather scraps and boar trophy, the amount will depend on maturity or stars above its head.


Necks are lizard like creatures that will often be found near the shore, they are also hostile if you get too close but these are not much of a threat you can kill them pretty easily, they will usually be in a pack of 3 or more. Necks will only drop neck tails and trophy heads.


You will often see birds dotted about around you, there is no point trying to kill them unless you have a bow or spear as you will not be able to get close enough for a melee attack. Birds or Gulls drop feathers so are good for crafting better arrows.

When you have managed to gather some wood ands stone you will need to create a hammer, this will be used for all you building requirements. Once you have done this you can then build a workbench, you will need 10 x wood to do this. Now you can equip the hammer, which you can do by using the number slots in your inventory as you can see the numbers in the top left corner of the image below, now you will be able to equipped the hammer and right click on the mouse to open up a craft menu, this will give you some tabs to choose from check images below, you will need the crafting tab to build a workbench so click on workbench. Now you have selected the workbench it will glow red if it cannot be placed once you have found a good spot left click to place see below:

crafted work bench

Once placed you will notice a white dotted circle around the workbench, this is the build radius, you will not be able to build outside of this unless you build another workbench. Now you have the bench you can build no problem. You will not be able to use it to craft as it will need to be sheltered so you will need to build a shelter for it, it can be in a small house or you can just build a little shelter over it like below:

small shelter for workbench

No you have the basics you can start to farm and build your long house or what you desire! thats the great thing about valheim you can bud anything you want, well as long as you have the materials.