Warframe – Easiest Way to Kill Sentients (Tips and Tricks) 

Watch out! You will encounter absolutely 100% spoilers from Second Dream by reading this guide!. If you don’t want to spoil your game, you can back out now. Your choice.

We will provide you, Tenno Skoom, some tricks and guidelines on the proper way to eliminate a Sentient. Though there are a lot of possible ways to kill one, below are the easiest and convenient ways.

Sentient Oculysts

This one is the earliest Sentient and you cannot find them on earth. These blue buggers are located in Uranus after reaching MR 3 or higher and on Luna. Usually drifting around Grineer Sealabs. 

Bad News: you can’t eliminate them

Good News: They will just only scan you and of course you can scan them back for codex and leave. On the other hand, on Luna, right after they espy you, they will send for Sentient fighters. They can detect you if you will scan them because automatically they will scan you back or either by shooting them.

Sentient Battalyst

This one is a must kill scoundrel. It has several skills that make it a commendable enemy. As for instance, Battalyst it a long-range fighter which can fire omnidirectional lasers ( like a Mirage’s disco ball of doom), and can also fire bullets called Tau. Blowing its arm can make them retreat but take note that they can pick-up the arms they lost or other lost arms in combat of sentient warriors. 

It is important to note that they are capable of copying elemental features of your weapon and attacks, better to be cautious in initiating attacks. After some shots of your heavy impact shotgun, you may find this weapon less effective.

Sentient Conculyst

Conculyts is the reciprocal of Battalyst. They are short-range fighters having toothpick bats that can spin around with speeds like Mayweather and they are not afraid to spill blood in combats. Be prepared when you saw them reeling up, they will surely do their spinning attacks and these can be fast.

Sentient Mimics

Mimics a name that suits them. At present they can only be found at the time of “The Sacrifice”. They conceal their selves by copying the form of the player’s random item. Although making it looks real is their problem. 

Mimics often hide to apprehend you unprepared, it is advisable to focus more on the map tiles, you will notice easily that their disguise is not as effective as it is. Remember that if you are getting close to them, Orokin platform things will show up. You cant see them on the map, but usually, they choose a peculiar site to hide and conceal themselves or they can be a resource crate.

Eidolon Vomvalyst

You can see Vomvalyst drifting on the Plains of Eidolon on your first night. Usually, they track the Eidolon Teralyst on the map and wanders in pairs. However, they are noted to drift without direction. Operator mode is needed if you aim to kill one of these creatures.

They have two forms, the first is the matter form ( shown in the picture above) that can shoot bolts of light at you while floating. You can kill them without difficulty. The second is the Spectral Form which can execute dash-like attacks and are invincible to all, however its damage is nullified. You can kill them effortlessly using specific Operator Amps, in the event of a couple of parts, can shoot numerous simultaneously. Note that normally, an Intact Sentient Core will fall if you killed one.

Eidolon Teralyst

This is Terry, gigantic, stompy and sparkling buddy of the Plains. Terry is really an impressive view at a certain distance and can be harmless. Nevertheless, if you want to fight with them, you must have an Operator Amp (like Mote amp, but it is essential that you obtain a new one to use) to destroy its shield. Once you destroy its shield, they will run away so it is necessary for you to obtain Eidolon Lures in order to trap it. It releases a Magnetic blastwave so be cautious as it can discharge serious damage and also removing all energy from Operator and Warframe.

Eidolon Gantulyst

Meet Terry’s older bro, “Gerry”. Gantulyst is a powerful and whole lot bigger than Teralyst. During the sacrifice of Brilliant Eidolon Shard ( 1 acquired after a seize of a Teralyst) at the Eidolon Shrine which is located at the center of the Gara Toht Lake, these guys are convened. Each of their steps makes huge shockwaves, they protect their selves from long-range attacks by creating a large bubble shield surrounding itself, and from time to time they release energy pillars that cause you damage.

Eidolon Hydrolyst

He is Hary, Terry and Gerry’s eldest and significantly larger brother. Convened at the shrine along with Radiant Shards. Through observing the weather around the Plains, you can detect Hydrolyst. You can tell that a Hydrolyst was called when there is a vast rainstorm. They can give you great damage using its gun arm, its shockwaves, stomps, melee attack and have passive strikes of lightning that can screw you up. It is advisable to take down this beast together with a friend or a full party, thus taking it down alone can be really hard.

Killing a Hydrolyst is the same way as killing a Teralysts and Gantulysts, by aiming at their glowy part. Yet this might be more difficult to spot because their bodies are reflective that tend to glow more than the others, as well as the rain and the lightning in addition. But good thing, sites are near. 

Hurting the Sentient

You can hurt sentient easily by firing at them like firing a Grineer. However, they adapt to damage, dissimilar with Grineer. As soon as they adapt to damage, they withstand 95 percent of that kind of damage. Basically, if in the event that it is immune to heat and you strike it with 100 fire damage, only 5% damage it gets. Remember that they adapt to the recent damage acquired after reaching their health gates. In short, they adapt to something the moment they lose 20%, 35%, 50%, 65%, and 80% health. In spite of reaching the health gate, it is necessary to carry out full damage first prior to adaptation. BTW adaptation is a good mod. 

Remember that 5 different elements will be adapted for every single Sentient, beyond of conveyed resistance from other Sentients.

In addition, Sentient can pass resistance with other sentients. By knowing this, it is best to eliminate them before they can transfer it, or eliminate them one by one.

Sentient resistance can be eradicated by Void damage, hand in hand with Shadow Stalker (which adapts together with Sentients) resistances. Utilizing Void damage from operator strikes removes resistance from sentients, although they can still adapt later on when the health gates are reached.

On top of that Sentients utilize Ferrite Armor that takes plus 75% add on damage from Corrosive element attacks.

After “The Sacrifice” you can obtain Excalibur Umbra, which can remove Sentient Resistances with Radial Howl (2)  a distinct power. Couple with melee weapons formed with SACRIFICIAL STEEL and SACRIFICIAL PRESSURE, and Paracesis (gained after Chimera Prologue) after its 5th Forma, turn-on steam of Sentients.

Hurting Eidolons

Generally, contrary to Sentients, Eidolons cant adapt to damage. However, beyond Vomvalysts, you must be conscious that hurting Larry Garry and Harry, the bigger Eidolons is not certain.

They are 100 percent insusceptible to all types of status procs. Eidolons are easy to find, you can find one after teleportation, thus killing them are handy but they do not have great loot. 

Minimum of 1 Lure is needed to prevent teleportation, however, it requires 2 Lure to catch Teralysts, while for Gantulysts and Hydrolysts it needs 3 Lures. Although it implies that you need to catch lures, charge them, and protect them while capturing the Eidolon.

Catching Eidolon must be carried out with huge damage to the ammo ratio. A better option is Sniper rifles and Shotguns. Hence, using explosives is not advisable as it will damage the invulnerable body, prior to the final phase of the battle, once it stands back from its collapse.

Bear in mind that Eidolons owns an Alloy Armor that absorb 75 percent extra Radiation damage. Utilizing Shwaak Prism Amps is excellent in destroying the shields along with its natural punch through effect and Arca Plasmor wave attacks striking numerous parts of the Eidolon at the same time.